Welcome to the club for devotees of perfect sound.
Here you can get acquainted with the collection of players
created on the original audio engine.

Clearsound engine

Masterly performance, characterized by a smooth transition from sound to sound, ease, natural and rich color of sound, evenness in all registers, ease of sounding, remaining in technically sophisticated places of melodic pattern.

Optimized for high-resolution music in uncompressed audio formats: aiff, wav, dsf, dff
and in lossless flac format.

Basic principles

Clearsound pcm

Reproduction of aiff, wav and flac recordings.
Save playlists, form libraries by scanning your drives.

Clearsound dsd

Playing dsf and dff recordings
in native dsd mode.

Sounds like you wish

You can order a personalized edition with original design.

Clearsound history

Blue vinyl

Blue vinyl

light version

Black vinyl

Black vinyl

light dsd version

Vinyl girl

Little vinyl girl

a little girl

Vinyl girl

a big girl

Spring melancholy

Spring melancholy Spring melancholy

pcm and dsd editions

τ α υ


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