Welcome to the club for devotees of perfect sound.
Here you can get acquainted with the Hi-End unique
software audio player for Windows.

Subscription for 2020

The validity period of the subscription is
from December 1, 2019 to December 31, 2020

Preferences to subscribers: *
- current trial versions of players from clearsound.club without their inherent limitations
- new versions of players released during the subscription period
- update the design of the existing personal edition of the player
- all mini players without a restrictive period

* provided for the duration of the subscription

Clearsound engine

The original software core of the player provides unprecedented sound quality.

Key Features:
- fully automatic player setup for system and DAC configuration. Scanning of computer resources and active DACs is performed at each start.
- the most correct way of passing the audio stream from the file to the DAC.
- GUI optimized for minimal resource useg.
- minimum number of initiated software threads.
- refusal to use tags.

- you can play tracks only with the same sample rate at the same time
- there is no way to move inside the track
These restrictions are a conscious payment for quality.

Clearsound players are real Hi-End components!

Blue vinyl

Blue vinyl

Reproduction of aiff, wav and flac recordings
Sound output using ASIO

An evaluation version

Black vinyl

Black vinyl

Playing dsf and dff recordings
in native dsd mode

An evaluation version

Red Blues

Red blues

Reproduction of aiff, wav and flac recordings
Sound output using wasapi exlusive mode

An evaluation versions

Sounds like you wish

You can order a personalized edition with original design.

And you can order any functionality in accordance
with the concept of the player.